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• Nascom Chairman. Eng. Nasif Wagdy MobasherNascom works active since 1996.
• Nascom is adequately systemized by whole time & Dedicated professionals & equipped with high-tech Equipments & tools, furthermore Nascom is economically healthy.
Nascom has the required experience for all kinds Of electromechanical constructions, Power stations, Oil/Gas field, petrochemical industries & other works Where high technology is present.
Nascom has engineering office which is formed to assure a valid Particularly with it’s services of detailed Engineering & of the so called [Erection Engineering], Which is one of services more required by our clients, Nascom is so familiar with the applicable codes & Standards.
• The intention of Nascom is to offer the valuable Customers a highly qualified and guaranteed service.
• Nascom believes that clients today are competent & Contractors, who can offer services needed in important Projects where all works have to be supported with QC/QA Documentation system, specifications, and all construction Activities to be certified by clients.
• Nascom known & appreciated by it’s customers for It’s reliability & traditional carefulness in projects Completion in accordance with time schedule & always Supplying first class services.
• Nascom is a private company operating in the Construction of industrial plants.
• Nascom has projects allover the Arabian World : Lybia-Algeria-Sudan. Joint venture with International companies: Bonatti-Benteni-Techint.

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